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United Nations Holocaust Remembrance in Hamilton

The Waikato Jewish Association gathered at a ceremony today, in Memorial Park, River Road, Hamilton NZ, together with invited distinguished guests and members of the wider community to commemorate the 73rd Anniversary of the Liberation of Auschwitz on JANUARY 27, 1945. Representatives of both the Government of NZ, the Hamilton City Council, Waikato Interfaith Council and other community leaders were present.

In harmony with many others around the world, today we acknowledged this U.N. mandated memorial, and the centrality of The Holocaust narrative, recognising the various factors which bring about such events. These memorials require us to face the grimmest of reminders that orchestrated genocides do not happen in a vacuum. Indeed, societies at large and their leaders, are all on a continuum of responsibility and vigilance ; this is a fragile balance that requires constant attention. The United Nations site :

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