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If you are interested in joining the WJA, please contact us first by e-mail <> for an introduction and someone from the committee will get in touch with you for a chat. We will usually arrange for an initial, informal face to face meeting. 


If you have already contacted and / or met with a Committee member, and you are ready to apply for membership, please follow these steps :

1.  Please familiarize yourself with the WJA by reading our Constitution, (available for download below).
2. Then download the Membership Form

3. Save a digital copy of this .pdf  form on your computer. Type in the fields or print out the membership form.

4. OR... Print it, then  fill it in by hand.

THEN........ (choose ONE of these options)

• Attach the completed digital form to an e-mail back to us  <

• OR... Send  a hard copy  to PO Box 11048 Hamilton.

• OR....Hand it to one of the Executive Committee.

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