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The Waikato Jewish Association (WJA) comprises Jewish families and individuals in the Waikato and Bay-of-Plenty region.  Our community includes people from different backgrounds, nationalities, ages and professions and across a spectrum of religious and political views both New Zealand-born Jews and émigrés from the four corners of the globe. We operate under a Constitution and our Executive Committee is elected each year by Members at the AGM. The Executive Committee meets on the third Monday of every month.  We welcome guests, volunteers  and willing contributors.

Affiliations & denominations


We welcome people of Jewish heritage from every branch of Jewish observance, and their families. Some of our members are also part of other Jewish congregations, and we liaise with other Jewish organisations and individuals throughout New Zealand, Israel and internationally.  


The Waikato Jewish Association is recognised by other NZ Jewish congregations and agencies as representing the Jewish interests of our region.


We are publicly listed in the Hamilton City Council's Register of Community Organisations and with the Citizen's Advice Bureau.




Although we do not have a synagogue in Hamilton

nor do we own a property, we meet regularly a range of venues  to conduct prayers, commemorate significant events in the Jewish calendar, to celebrate our collective cultural & religious identity and to respond to the needs of our members. These are usually facilitated by our members locally and / or supported by services from visiting Jewish leaders from time to time. 


Events are not open to the public, but notifications of times and locations are issued through our subscribed mailing list, or by direct inquiry through our e-mail address. <>

Please contact us by e-mail for an introduction or any other inquiry. 

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